I Am Still in Nevada

I got to Las Vegas in the spring and it has been a really wild ride ever since. The people who offered me the original job were working on some betting web sites which never actually got finished. In fact I was lucky that I happened to bail at the right time. All of the checks that I got went straight through the bank and the money ended up in my checking account. I had a lot of friends there who were there when the bottom fell out, some of them ended up losing two or three pay periods. That would have been a big issue for me, because I have been doing all that I can to get out from under the debt that I have on my student loans and all of the other stuff. What I have been doing since I left there is really pretty interesting to be honest.

If you have ever been to a casino and you looked around closely on the casino floor, then you would soon realize that you have people watching you from every perceivable angle. They have people watching the gamblers and they have people who watch the dealers, then they have people watching the people who watch the dealers and the gamblers. Everyone is watching someone and someone is watching everyone. At any rate there is a ton of video surveillance and my job is try to figure out how to make it so that the surveillance is effective. If you study this problem, then you realize very quickly that just having the video is not enough. You have to make it so that the people who are monitoring the video can figure out what it is that is important for them to notice, you need some sort of artificial intelligence to be honest.

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