It Makes Better Sense to Be Safe and Secure Instead of Sorry

I belong to an email list that some fellow neighbors have put together so that we can all alert one another of things going on throughout the neighborhood. I found myself becoming very nervous when I continued to learn that many homes in the neighborhood are being burglarized. A neighbor mentioned that we should all go to to find out what type of alarm system would be best for our homes. Some people on the list scoffed at the idea. However, two of those people have since changed their minds after their homes were broken into just weeks later.

I would not say that I have always felt 100% safe living alone. When I was married and my husband was home often, I did feel safe at all times. After 10 years of marriage, we divorced and he moved out. Only a few weeks had passed when I was home one night and my small dog began barking repeatedly after we both heard one of my patio chairs scraping across the concrete on the back porch. Soon after, I heard what sounded like the chair being knocked over. I was petrified because that chair is made of heavy steel, and it would not fall over on its own without someone rather large and powerful dong it.

Despite not always feeling safe in my home while living alone, I never did anything about it for many years. However, now that so many of my neighbors were alerting me to the fact that break-ins had been occuring all up and down our street, I knew that it was time for me to get an alarm system. It’s scary enough to think about someone breaking in when I’m not home, but what if I came home to a burglary in progress or someone breaks in when I’m home? An alarm system will stop that from happening.