Frequently Asked Questions About A Memory Foam Mattress

Individuals who have trouble sleeping or if they wake up sore in the morning because of their bed, they should consider a memory foam mattress. These types of mattresses, including the Loom and Leaf Luxury Mattress made by Saatva, helps many individuals get a better night’s sleep and they don’t wake up in pain. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about these types of mattresses.

What exactly is a memory foam mattress and how does it help individuals sleep better?

A mattress that’s made with memory foam contours to the body as individuals sleep and they don’t experience any pain from pressure points which can occur when sleeping on a regular mattress. The nucleus of the mattress consists of memory foam that supports the body evenly as a person sleeps. The top layer of the mattress contains a special cooling gel that keeps individuals from getting too hot while they sleep. If one person in the bed moves or gets out of bed during the night, their movement does not disturb the mattress or the other person.

Is there any type of special care required for this kind of mattress and what is its lifespan?

There’s actually less care with a memory foam mattress than there is with a traditional mattress. Individuals don’t have to periodically turn their mattresses over or rotate them for even wear. Because they’re made with memory foam, these mattresses immediately retain their shape after use. Individuals who own a Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress can expect optimal performance of their mattress for about 15 years.

What are additional benefits of owning a memory foam mattress?

As well as sleep comfort, memory foam mattresses are available in various sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king, and the mattress is 12 inches high. The manufacturer offers a comfort guarantee that’s effective for the first 120 days of owning the mattress. In addition, individuals are pleased about the replacement option warranty that’s also provided by the manufacturer of this mattress.

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