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Why Should I Hire a DWI Lawyer? DWI or Driving While Intoxicated is strictly prohibited in the US law. DWI can also be called DUI or Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. Drivers who are arrested as DUI or DWI suspects usually hire the services of a certified DWI lawyer. What DWI lawyers does for their clients is to defend them in their DWI case and represent them through all the legal proceedings. DWI lawyers are experts when it comes to cases concerning people who have been accused of drunk driving. This means that these lawyers are knowledgeable when it comes to the language and application of the DWI laws of the state. Their clients are confident of their expertise and that they will be able to defend them in their case. Police officers stop drivers who are suspected of drunk driving and he assesses whether they are too drunk to drive based on how they behave on the street. The suspected drunk driver is then given field tests to determine his response time, coordination, and coherence. If the officer finds out that the driver is too drunk to drive properly and safely, he will be asked to puff into a breathalyzer. This machine is able to measure the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream of the person.
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If alcohol content in the bloodstream reaches .08% to .10% the he can be charged with DWI. Falling between the two limits will then prompt the police officer to bring you to the police station for a blood test. Until he appears before a judge, a driver charged with DWI stays in jail for a number of days. When he is brought to jail, he can then seek a DWI lawyer to help him with the case so he can be released.
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Establishing that a person was drunk while driving is quite easy. Prosecuting a DWI suspect is really challenging. All important documents and test results related to the case are studied by the DWI lawyer. It is important for DWI lawyers to question many people to know the whole story and these people include the suspects, the witnesses, the police officers and the lab technicians. Officers will be interrogate on whether they legally arrested the suspect or not. He will also concern himself if the defendant were read his rights while he was being arrested. Sometimes field tests do not yield the proper results because of the unfavorable conditions it was carried out and on the uneven grounds the driver was asked to walk, so this is also a concern of DWI lawyers. The lawyer will also look into other factors like the physical fitness of the driver because is it possible that he is suffering from over fatigue or suffering from health issues like hypoglycemia or diabetes.

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