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Five Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney There are people don’t want to hire a personal injury lawyer simply because they think the cost is too high. Or sometimes, they just think it’s unnecessary to pay a lawyer, even if majority of these attorneys get paid on contingency. Below are five reasons they are totally wrong: 1. An attorney knows how much you must get.
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Most people have no clue as to how much money they their personal injury claims can actually get them. While there are tools that can provide a rough idea – a personal injury settlement calculator, for example – they can never give an accurate estimate. Getting the highest possible amount in insurance settlement is more than just inputting numbers in a program. It needs an understanding of the subtleties of your particular case.
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2. An attorney is an expert of the legal process. Even if you do have a good idea of what your settlement might be worth, you don’t know the legal processes involved in claim litigation or mediation. This includes, among others, not knowing what state of limitations applies, which legal documents must be filed and how to fill in forms correctly. This gap in your legal knowledge will be used by the insurance company to quash you on a technicality. Nothing is worse than realizing that you could have received so much more from your insurance settlement, had you known a few minor but significant legal points. 3. A lawyer enhances your odds. Insurance company are a mighty opponent . They are aware of their great knowledge and bargaining power and will stop at nothing to use both to give you the least settlement possible. They will also do everything, including using your unfamiliarity with the claim process, to make sure that their interests are advanced. A skilled personal injury lawyer is the best weapon you can use against them. 4. An attorney gains when you gain. Most personal injury lawyers, as earlier mentioned, are paid on contingency. “Contingency” means they will only get paid when you actually win the case, in which case, the court will award an amount to you; or if you accept a settlement. This arrangement is a great motivator for personal injury lawyers. They are encouraged to work as best they could on your case because they know that your gain is also theirs. In addition, with these lawyers not getting paid unless you are, they will more probably work as efficiently as possible. 5. A lawyer can take your case to court. Based on statistics, majority of accident injury cases never reach trial because they wrap up with a settlement. Figures also reveal that juries are more likely to rule against insurance companies. Hence, with an attorney representing you, insurance companies know that you are prepared to go to legal battle. Then, they will mostly likely make you a more attractive settlement offer.

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